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"The Constitutional Review" &
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The lectures concern different issues of the knowledge and techniques of national systems of constitutional review. A comparison of certain topical views could add to the analysis of sources of a national democratic process and culture. Accordingly, it could have direct applicative value in the search for systemic solutions in different countries.
• Primerjalno ustavno pravo - E študij
      Gradivo - in Slovenian (doc)
      Video link (YouTube)
      - Celotno gradivo je dostopno na EvroPF
• Systems of Constitutional Review
      In English (Flash + html)
• Constitutional Review in the Federal States
      Tables in English (Html)
• Organizacija ustavnega sodstva
     In Slovenian (Flash)
• Sodna presoja ustavnosti
      Tables in Slovenian (Html)
• Dostop posameznika do sodne presoje ustavnosti in zakonitosti
      Acrobat in Slovenian (PDF)
      Acrobat in Montenegrin (PDF)
      Power point in Slovenian (ppt)
• Individual Complaint as a Domestic Remedy to be Exhausted or Effective Within the Meaning of the Echr - Comparative and Slovenian Aspect
      Arcobat (PDF)
• Importance of Electronically Supported Legal Information With Special Reference to the Issues of Constitutional/Judicial Review
      Arcobat (PDF)
• Constitutional Values in Practice With a Special Reference to the Slovenian System Outline
      Arcobat (PDF)
      Video link (YouTube)
• Nekateri primerjalnopravni vidiki urejanja zasebnega šolstva
      Arcobat (PDF)
      Video link 10:05 - 16:00 (YouTube)
• Guarantees of Independence of the Judiciary: the Slovenian Experience
      Arcobat (PDF)
      PowerPoint (PPT)
• Individual access Riga 2013
      Arcobat (PDF)
      PowerPoint (PPT)
• Beneška komisija / Venice Commission
      Evropska komisija za demokracijo skozi pravo
          pri Svetu Evrope - (PDF)
      Venice Commission and its Activities - (PDF)
      Venice Commission of the Council of Europe
          abstract of lecture (PDF)
      Venice Commission and its Activities
          (PowerPoint - English)
      Venice Commission and its Activities
          (PowerPoint - Turkish)
      Venice Commission and its Activities - (YouTube)