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Dr. Arne Mavčič

Constitutional Review Systems Around the World

Constitutional Review Systems Around the World
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The site presents a comparative constitutional analysis of the system of constitutional review in more than 150 countries.
      The author describes different models of constitutional review and the bodies that hold this special and exclusive decision-making power on constitutional matters. It classifies the constitutional review bodies as special bodies responsible for protecting the constitutionality for which they hold a certain legal superiority in relation to other branches of power.
      Their review quite often covers legislative acts that are the highest legal instruments of a specific legal and political system. This gives the constitutional review body a special status with power to provide constitutional review under the system of the separation of powers, especially in relation to the legislative power in that it may even annul statutes adopted by the legislative body.
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Tables of comparative constitutional review in:
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World map of comparative constitutional review

Statistical charts as per:
   • Type of Court / country
   • Type of Court / population
   • Type of Model / country new
Some lectures concerning the respective fields of research
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