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Constitutional Review Systems Around the World

Constitutional Review Systems Around the World
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• Historical Steps in the Development
   of Systems of Constitutional Review
     The establishment of supreme judicial bodies for the protection of constitutionality and legality is not an invention of contemporary legal systems, ...
• Evolution de la justice constitutionnelle
     L'institution d'organes juridictionnels suprêmes pour veiller à la constitutionnalité et à la légalité n'est pas une découverte des Etats modernes. ...
• Razvoj sodne presoje ustavnosti
     Ustanovitev najvišjih sodnih organov za varstvo ustavnosti in zakonitosti ni odkritje sodobnih državnih ureditev. ...
• A Tabular Presentation of Constitutional/Judicial
   Review Around the World
     Different models of constitutional courts as special bodies that as protectors of constitutionality enjoy a certain legal superiority in relation to the other branches of power. From an organisational point of view, it is possible to distinguish different current models of constitutional/judicial review. Furthermore, constitutional courts are here also presented from the point of view of their powers exercised in accordance with constitutional and statutory regulations in force.
• Map
     The map presents the aforementioned constitutional and judicial review models arranged by main regions: Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East as well as North, Central and South America. These models are presented by different colours.
• Charts
     Statistical charts