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   Dr. Arne Mavčič - The Constitutional Review

Book - "The Constitutional Review"

Quite a few of you were asking me for my book "The Constitutional Review" so we decided to reprint it and also provide it in electronic E-book format.

This book presents a comparative constitutional analysis of the system of constitutional review in more than 150 countries. It describes different models of constitutional review and the bodies that hold this special and exclusive decision-making power on constitutional matters.

It classifies the constitutional review bodies as special bodies responsible for protecting the constitutionality for which they hold a certain legal superiority in relation to other branches of power. Their review quite often covers legislative acts that are the highest legal instruments of a specific legal and political system.
This gives the constitutional review body a special status with power to provide constitutional review under the system of the separation of powers, especially in relation to the legislative power that it may even annul statutes adopted by the legislative body.

The Constitutional Review

The book is from 2001 but since constitutions don't change that often the text is still mostly accurate. You can get updated versions of tables on this site.

We are also preparing the revised 2009 version of the book (planned for the end of 2009).

Book - printed version

You can order the book here
at 45€/book + p&p
The book has 240 pages
it is spiral-bound
weight 400g

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eBook - electronic / acrobat version

The eBook is in a protected Acrobat format which needs to be activated with a key online.
There are 2 versions:
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NOTE: The E-book currently runs only on Windows operating systems

Download your eBook here: The Constitutional Review.exe
You can download eBook in zip format
if your browser doesn't allow you to download exe files: TCR.zip

For any enquiries or for larger orders please contact us on: book@concourts.net