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Papers published by Dr. Arne Mavčič

CDL(2010)136  English  15/12/2010 -  Public
Workshop on freedom of assembly and electoral campaign - Quba, Azerbaijan - 29 June - 1July 2010 - Report on freedom of assembly, content and main principles flowing from the internation protection of human rights  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2010)016  English  30/09/2010 -  Public
Black Sea Regional Conference on “The importance of dissenting and concurring opinions in the development of judicial review” (17-18.09.2010, Batumi, Georgia) Report “Importance of the dissenting and concurring opinions (Separate opinions) in the development of the constitutional and judicial review with a special reference to the Slovenian practice”  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-UD(2010)039  English  21/06/2010 -  Public
Conference on "Democracy and decentralisation - strengthening democratic institutions through participation", St Gallen, Switzerland, 3-4 May 2010 - referendum on the local level with a special reference to the slovenian constitutional case-low  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-UDT(2010)012  English  10/05/2010 -  Public
Unidem Campus Trieste Seminar “Administrative Discretion and the Rule of Law” (Trieste, Italy 12 – 15 April 2010) Report "Judicial review of administrative decisions, the extent and limits of judicial review, the efficiency of judicial review: Comparative and Slovenian Aspects"  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2009)039  English  17/11/2009 -  Public
Conference on "Access to the Court - The applicant in the constitutional jurisdiction” (Riga, Latvia 6 November 2009) Report “The applicant before the Constitutional Court with a special reference to the individual applicatio"  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2009)014  English  07/07/2009 -  Public
Conference on “The current situation and further prospects of judicial reforms in Uzbekistan” (Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 25-26 June 2009) Report “Importance of legal information with a special reference to (ordinary) courts and/or constitutional courts”  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2009)010  English  06/07/2009 -  Public
8th Meeting of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice “Mini-conference” on Effects and execution of constitutional review decisions (Tallinn, 19 June 2009) Report “Constitutional court decisions – Slovenia”  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2008)027  English  02/10/2008 -  Public
XIIIth International Conference "Fundamental constitutional values and public practice" (Yerevan, 3-4 October 2008). "Constitutional values in practice with a special reference to the slovenian system outline"  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2008)026  English  07/11/2008 -  Public
Seminar on “Models of Constitutional Jurisdiction” (Ramallah, 25-26 October 2008): Report “Some comparative comments to the introduction of constitutional review in the State of Palestine”  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2008)011  English  04/07/2008 -  Public
Report “Social Rights, Regulation and Practice in Slovenia” 7th meeting of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice “Mini-conference” on Social rights (Tirana, 27 June 2008)  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2007)019  English  20/06/2007 -  Public
Conference on “Jurisdiction of the Consitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights in conflict zones" (Batumi, Georgia, 6–7 July, 2007): Report "The Human Rights Protection In Conflict Situations"  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2007)017  English  01/06/2007 -  Public
6th meeting of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice - 'Mini-conference’ on the Principle of Proportionality (Venice, 30 May 2007, 2.30 p.m. - 6 p.m.): Report: "The implementation of the principle of proportionality in the Slovenian Constitutional Case-Law"  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2006)020  English  27/03/2006 -  Public
5th Meeting of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice Mini Conference on “Gender Equality” (Budapest, 17 June 2006): Report on "Equality between the sexes in Slovenia"  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2005)018  English  24/05/2005 -  Public
4th Meeting of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice (Baku, 16-17 June 2005) Report on "The role of comparative research for Constitutional Courts - The influence of foreigh and international case-law on the decisions of the Courts - The case of Slovenia"  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2004)056  English  01/10/2004 -  Public
Seminar on "the budget of the Constitutional Court: a determining factor of its independence” (Sarajevo, 14-15 October 2004): Report on "The Constitutional Court budget as one of the guarantees of the independence of constitutional justice"  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(2004)029  English  26/03/2004 -  Public
International Legal Training Workshop "Improving Examination Methods of Individual Complaints Effective Case Management Effective Decision Drafting" (Baku, 26-27 February 2004): Report on “The Constitutional Complaint”  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(1998)010  English  01/01/1998 -  Public
Powers of constitutional courts and equivalent bodies  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(1998)001  English  08/01/1998 -  Public
The budget of the constitutional court, control and management with respect to the independence and autonomy of the court  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(1997)023  English  01/01/1997 -  Public
Constitutional courts: models of operation as regards federal states systems  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(1997)015  English  02/06/1997 -  Public
Human Rights protection with the help of the individual complaint  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(1997)045prov  Engl./Fr.  23/10/1997 -  Public
Documents available at the centre on Constitutional Justice  (A. MAVCIC)
CDL-JU(1996)017  English  01/01/1996 -  Public
"The Citizen as an Applicant Before the Constitutional Court", by A. Mavcic, for Seminar on "Contemporary problems of Constitutional Justice", Tbilissi, 1 - 3 December 1996  (A. MAVCIC)